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What's The Difference? Salvage, Rebuilt And Aftermarket Auto Parts

When your car breaks down, buying new parts may not always be in your budget. Choosing between salvage, rebuilt or aftermarket parts can feel confusing if you aren't sure how each type differs. By learning the key differences between the three, you can make a well-informed decision and have a clear understanding of what to expect in regard to performance.

A Salvage Part

A salvage auto part is obtained from a used vehicle, often from an auto salvage yard. This does not necessarily mean that the part came from a wrecked vehicle. In many cases, well-used autos are sold to salvage yards for a nominal amount. While this type of used auto part is typically the most discounted, there are some risks involved with this choice. It's impossible to know how well the previous owner of the car maintained the vehicle, although simply looking for issues like broken seals or corrosion can be a tell-all. In many cases, you can find a salvage part that is in tip-top shape and will last for years. When choosing a salvage part, it's best to have a good, trusting relationship with your auto mechanic. He can give your salvage part a good going-over and make sure the part looks suitable. Using a salvage part is like thrift-store shopping and finding a fabulous steal.

Rebuilt Parts

Rebuilt auto parts are not as expensive as brand new parts and are typically a solid choice for many people who need a budget-friendly fix. While this type of part is also used, it has been re-manufactured, meaning the worn or defective components have been replaced. People often choose a rebuilt part when an expensive fix is needed, such as an engine or transmission. The catch with using a rebuilt part is that some components of the part are new, while others are not. Even though rebuilt items are thoroughly inspected, it is possible for the unexpected to happen with any used part. Using a rebuilt part is kind of like shopping at an upscale, second-hand store for deep discounts.

An Aftermarket Part

An aftermarket part is a part that is built by another company than the original manufacturer. This can be a good choice in regard to saving money. The purpose of this type of auto part is to perform the same function as the original part. In many cases, you can get equal or better performance, parts are often easier to obtain, and you may have a much wider selection. If you choose this route, just remember that some aftermarket parts do not have warranties or can vary in quality. Read online reviews, check for warranties and talk to your mechanic about the best type of aftermarket part. Using an aftermarket part is a bit like buying a knock-off handbag, which can be almost indistinguishable from the real thing.

All three options are viable choices for motorists who love to save. By carefully choosing the best fit for your repair, you can enjoy deep discounts and high performance. For more information, contact Goodfellow Motors Inc or a similar company.