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How To Fix Your Autobody With A Fiberglass Patch Kit

Most major auto body repair will have to be performed by a professional. However, if your car has a few small dents and dings, you could probably fix them yourself. It is especially easy to fix defects on the fiberglass portions of the car. This is why many bumpers are made out of fiberglass. This article explains how you can use a fiberglass repair kit to fix dents or holes in your bumper.

Using Fiberglass Patch Kits

First of all, it is important to realize that the fiberglass repair kit does not include everything that you need to make auto repairs. So, you can't just go in to the store, buy one and expect to come home and fix your holes. You need to buy a few other extra supplies. Most kits will include the fiberglass cloth, resin, liquid hardener, a mixing stick, and a tray. In addition to these basic supplies, you also need painter's tape, an extra fine grit auto sandpaper sponge, and a plastic putty knife.

Prepping the Hole

Depending on the size and nature of your hole, you will need to do a little bit of prep. If the paint is chipping around the corners and edges of the hole, you should sand it down. You also want to sand the perimeter of the hole. This will slightly rough up the surface so the resin will stick better to it. Also, you should cut the cloth to the size of the sanded area. Then, you can use a few pieces of tape to place the cloth over the hole in the appropriate position.

Patching the Hole

You should not mix the resin and hardener together until you are fully ready to apply them to your car. The resin dries very quickly, so be prepared. As you spread the resin onto the patch with the putty knife you will be able to remove the tape, because the resin will hold it in place. You want to spread the resin as smooth as possible, but don't try to make it perfect. It is better to put too much resin on the patch and then sand it down flat once it dries.

By patching holes in your fiberglass car surface, you can reinforce it and ensure that the hole does not grow bigger. Also, you can then go ahead and paint your patched area if you want. This is a whole other job in itself, but with the right supplies you can make your hole invisible.

If this isn't something you're comfortable doing on your own, reach out to an auto repair shop.