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After The Storm - How To Repair Hail Damage To Your Car

When a hailstorm hits, it is imperative to get off the road and find shelter as soon as possible. Unfortunately, drivers that don't have garages or carports to store their vehicles in may find their cars severely damaged after the weather clears. You can have the body of your car repaired, restored, and looking as good as new by locating a reputable automotive body repair shop as well as taking a few simple precautions in the future.

Reviewing Auto Body Repair Services

Finding a good auto body repair shop isn't difficult, but comparing costs, services, and repair time frames can be a bit tricky. To help expedite the review process, you should ask each repair shop for a portfolio of work that specifically shows the work that they have performed on cars that have been damaged by hail. Remember that all of the damage that your car has sustained may not be immediately noticeable. Unseen damage to your windshield, roof, and bumpers may result in longer repair times as well as higher costs. Taking your car in for an inspection will help you to receive a more accurate hail damage repair estimate.

Paying For Hail Damage Repair

Those with comprehensive car insurance can submit a claim and have their hailstorm damage repaired once the deductible is paid. Depending on how long it takes your car to be repaired, you may need to pay vehicle rental fees. Check in with the auto body repair shop often to find out exactly when you can expect repairs to be completed.

Alternatively, drivers with liability coverage won't receive any financial help paying their hail damage repair costs. You'll need to find alternative means of transportation while the repairs are being made. If your car has a specialty paint job, your repair costs may be higher than average. 

Protecting Your Car From Future Hailstorm Damage

Hailstorms can be powerful and unpredictable. Paying attention to local weather forecasts and avoiding driving when you know that a hailstorm is looming will help to protect your car against future damage. Parking your car in a garage, either public or private, is also a good idea if you believe that hail is on the way.

Having your car professional waxed and sealed can help to deflect smaller pieces of hail as well as minimize damage. Hailstorms occur more frequently during winter months, so taking public transportation during that time of year can also be a possible solution if you are extremely concerned about hail damage.