Know When Your Brakes Are Failing

During the winter season, improving your safety on the road is likely a big concern that you have, seeing the roads may be slippery and harder to control your vehicle on. Well, a great way to improve your safety this upcoming winter is to make sure your brake system is working properly and efficiently so you can slow your vehicle quickly while staying in control of your car. A few tips to look for if you aren’t sure if your brakes are properly in top tier condition are the following: Signs of Delayed Pedal Response: Over time your brake pedal Read More →

Tire-Related Mistakes To Avoid Making

The average driver likely doesn’t spend too much time thinking about the tires on his or her vehicle, but giving careful consideration to these devices is critical to your safety and to the performance of your vehicle. If you aren’t routinely thinking about your tires, there’s a strong likelihood that you’ve made or are continuing to make some common mistakes about them. The good news is that by learning the mistakes that you should avoid, as well as visiting your local tire shop for the necessary supplies, you’ll be a highly informed vehicle owner and user. Here are some mistakes Read More →

Two Common Causes Of Brake System Problems

When you push the brake pedal in your car and it feels soft or spongy under your foot, it may mean that your brakes need repair. The brake pedal should always be firm and consistent when you press it, and any change in the normal resistance indicates problems with the pressure in the system. There are a few common causes of brake problems, and understanding what they are may help you troubleshoot the issue and keep yourself safe on the road. Wheel Cylinder Damage When you have drum brakes, the wheel cylinders are a key part of that brake system. The Read More →