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Increasing Your Truck's Towing Capacity

Having access to a truck makes it possible to enjoy outdoor activities. Trucks have the ability to haul trailers filled with ATV equipment, boats, or residential living space that can make outdoor activities more enjoyable. To avoid a towing disaster, you need to ensure that your truck is equipped to haul as much weight as possible before loading your outdoor gear on a trailer and heading down the road.

Here are three simple upgrades you can invest in to increase your truck's towing capacity in the future.

1. Install a power programmer.

When you are trying to increase your truck's towing capacity, increasing your truck's horsepower and torque output can be a great place to start. Aftermarket power programmers are devices designed to help maximize your truck's engine capacity.

The programmer modifies your truck's shifting pattern, overriding factory limitations which can reduce towing efficiency. Working with a mechanic to install a power programmer on your truck can help you improve its towing capacity.

2. Upgrade your truck's braking system.

In order to safely tow heavy loads, your truck must be equipped with the braking power required to bring these loads to a complete stop. Upgrading your vehicle's brake pads and rotors to heavy-duty models can be a great place to start. You should also talk to your mechanic about installing an electronic trailer brake in your vehicle.

This device will give you the ability to adjust the braking output of your vehicle based on the weight of the trailer you are towing. Upgraded braking systems allow you to safely increase the weight of your loads, which effectively increases your truck's towing capacity.

3. Upgrade your truck's axle.

The weight of a trailer is distributed across your vehicle's rear axle during towing. Factory axles are not designed for hauling heavy loads, but you can replace your factory axle with an upgraded model that will allow you to haul heavy trailers with ease.

Having an axle that is equipped to bear the weight of a trailer allows you to reduce the amount of strain towing places on your truck's drive train, which can help preserve the integrity of your truck in the future. Investing in an axle upgrade is a great way to safely increase your truck's towing capacity.

Maximizing your truck's towing capacity by installing a power programmer, upgrading the braking system, and investing in an axle upgrade ensures that you will have the power needed to safely haul heavy trailers filled with outdoor gear in the future.