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3 Aftermarket Add-Ons That Are Worth It For Your New-Ish Car

When you buy a car that isn't brand new but doesn't qualify as an older ride either, you may be on the fence about whether putting aftermarket parts or accessories on your car are worth it to you or not. Here are 3 aftermarket additions that are worth the investment, both to you and a future buyer should you ever choose to sell.


You don't need to go all-out and get the deepest bass on the market, all you need for a car stereo are the basics that people expect in newer cars these days:

  • auxiliary cord input
  • CD player
  • extended satellite radio features for more channels
  • richer bass and sound quality
  • color-changing LED light display

Don't forget to buy newer speakers if your current ones are blown out. This way, you can have quality sound in your vehicle for watching movies or listening to the radio anytime you wish. For more information, contact companies like Safe & Sound.

Remote car starter

Once you realize the convenience of being able to start your vehicle on a cold day without stepping foot outside, you will quickly grow to appreciate this modern and fairly inexpensive aftermarket addition to your car. You can start your vehicle on cold or hot days to allow for defrosting of windows or cooling effect of the AC before you step foot inside. This remote starter is also great for helping you locate your car in a parking lot or getting it started for passengers who are in the vehicle already. You can have a remote car starter installed for under $200.

Backup camera

Over 50 kids are backed over every week in the United states, with a majority of the victims being very young. A backup camera is an excellent investment in both safety and convenience, allowing you to feel safer and more confident backing out of your driveway or even going down the road. If you have smaller children, you can benefit from being able to see toys and kids playing behind you, which can reduce accidents or vehicle damage. A backup camera is especially helpful in a larger vehicle, such as a truck, van, or SUV, where blind spots are common.

Updating your vehicle so it is more convenient to operate and enjoy can be a great investment if you know which additions can benefit you most. Your new-ish car can be much more fun to drive (and eventually sell) if you have a new car stereo, remote starter, or even a backup camera to make it more modern in function and appearance.