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Know When Your Brakes Are Failing

During the winter season, improving your safety on the road is likely a big concern that you have, seeing the roads may be slippery and harder to control your vehicle on. Well, a great way to improve your safety this upcoming winter is to make sure your brake system is working properly and efficiently so you can slow your vehicle quickly while staying in control of your car. A few tips to look for if you aren't sure if your brakes are properly in top tier condition are the following:

Signs of Delayed Pedal Response:

Over time your brake pedal can become less responsive and feel a bit spongy when stepping on it. This can potentially delay the reaction of your brakes, which can be a potential risk to your safety. Responsive brake pedal issues can likely be caused by air bubbles getting trapped in your brake fluid line, which is why it is important to have a mechanic replace your brake fluid often so you can improve and enhance the efficiency of your brake system.

Rattling Steering Wheel or Shaky Car:

Any signs of a rattling steering wheel or shaky car can likely be a sign of warped rotors, which are the components your brake pads press against to create the friction needed to slow your vehicle. If your rotors happen to warp, then this can create some conflict when your brakes attempt to connect to them in order to slow your vehicle, and because your rotors are warped, then the difficulty of your brakes latching on to them can cause your car to shake.

Loud Brake Noises:

An easier sign to look for to understand whether or not your brakes are failing is checking for indicators of low padded brakes. It is common for brake pads to have an indicator component on them that creates a loud grinding noise once your brake pads reach a low level of padding. This indicator stick can be extremely helpful, so if you do hear grinding noises coming from your brakes, then it is time to have them replaced.

So if you want to confirm and drive around with confidence knowing that your brake system is working properly so you can remain in full control of your car on the winter roads, be sure to take advantage of these tips so you can improve your brakes if issues are presented. This is a great way to stay on top of your brake maintenance so you can have a quick and controllable stop when using your brakes.

For more information and assistance, contact an auto shop such as Godfrey Brake Service & Supply.