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Two Common Auto Air Conditioner Maintenance Questions And Answers

Without a working air conditioning system, the interior of your car could quickly reach extremely hazardous temperatures. To help prevent the comfort and health problems that this could cause, it is important for you to be relatively informed when it comes to your car's air conditioning system. By learning a couple of answers to common auto air conditioning questions, you will be in a better position when you are needing to address these issues.

What Happens When You Have Your Car's Air Conditioner Serviced?

Each spring, you should have your car's air conditioning system professionally serviced. During these service visits, an experienced technician will test the refrigerant and the mechanical parts of the system. Over the course of time, it is possible for the refrigerant in the system to start to leak out or break down. By having it tested, you will be able to determine whether or not it needs to be changed or supplemented.

Your car's air conditioner requires a powerful fan to circulate the cooled air in the cabin. Sadly, this fan can suffer wear and tear over the time that you use it, and this can lead to performance issues. By having the air conditioner serviced, you can ensure that this fan is properly lubricated and aligned. If you make the mistake of running your auto's air conditioner with a poorly lubricated or aligned fan, you can cause serious damage that may require replacing the fan to restore functionality.

Why Is A Foul Odor Coming From The Vents?

One day, you may turn on the air conditioner to find that there is a foul smell coming out of the vents. This problem can stem from either a dirty air filter or molds growing in the ducting. In addition to decreasing the comfort of your car's cabin, this problem can also lead to health complications for individuals with chronic respiratory conditions or severe allergies.

If you find that changing the air filter does not correct this problem, you may need to have the vents and ducting cleaned. When these components of the air conditioning system are cleaned, a mixture of sanitizing solution and water is forcefully sprayed into these vents until any contaminants are removed. If you fail to have the system cleaned and sanitized, the odor will likely worsen as the mold spreads. Not surprisingly this can also result in the repairs for this work being far more expensive and intensive. As a result, you should have your car's air conditioner professionally inspected (by companies like Modern Auto Air) as soon as possible after you notice this problem developing.