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Four Semi-Trucks Feature Ideal For Oral Health

When traveling on the road for multiple days at a time, it may be hard to keep up with the same routines that you have at home. One of these routines is proper oral care. Taking care of your mouth can help prevent problems like gum disease and cavities. As you shop for a truck for the road, there are four features to look for that can greatly help with your oral health.


A small sink inside the sleeper cab of a semi truck can make a huge difference on the way you take care of your teeth. A sink is ideal for brushing and rinsing your mouth out with some fresh water. A small sink provides just enough space for these dental routines. It allows you to brush and clean your mouth no matter where you are parked. These sinks are typically connected to a small water tank that can be filled before your trip and provide you with plenty of water for travels.

Center Consoles

A center console can give you quick access to a number of different oral products. These consoles offer expanded space and a whole compartment can be dedicated to just supplies for cleaning your mouth. For example, an organized area can be used to hold dental floss, small bottles of mouthwash, or dental picks. A number of stores sell small dental travel items that can easily fit inside of the console. If you eat while driving, having quick access to these dental supplies can really help if you have bad breath or have something caught in your teeth. If you find a truck that you love, you can also have a center console installed if it is not included already.

Lighted Mirrors

Visual aids are important for proper dental health. It allows you to see the color of your teeth and helps you guide floss or toothbrushes around your mouth. One of the best visual aids you can have installed in a semi truck is a lighted mirror. A lighted mirror features lights along the edges that can illuminate your face while looking into the glass. This is ideal for brushing at night or in low-light situations. The mirror can be permanently affixed to a wall in the back of a sleeper cab and provide you with access anytime you need it. Some mirrors may even offer magnification on them. This allows you to view your teeth on a closer scale and really clean troublesome spots.

USB Ports

Along with standard outlets, a number of semi trucks can now be purchased with USB ports built into them. Having access to USB ports can give you a lot of extra options when considering your oral health. For example, you may have an automatic toothbrush that charges through a USB cable. There are numerous dental gadgets powered by USB cords. Along with toothbrushes, you can find timers or oral cameras that operate on USB power. Each type of gadget can help you take care of your smile and ensure that your teeth stay healthy throughout your journeys on the road.

By taking preventive steps to improve your oral health, you can truly take care of yourself while traveling.

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