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Outfit Your New Camper With These Valuable Accessories

If you enjoy camping but don't favor the idea of sleeping uncomfortable in a tent, buying a camper is a logical solution. You'll still be able to enjoy the great outdoors, but retire to a comfortable mattress when it's time to sleep — and enjoy some shelter in the event of rain. Regardless of the size of your camper, you can further increase its usefulness by investing in a variety of valuable accessories. These accessories are ideal because they make this vehicle more efficient, which is ideal when you're dealing with a limited amount of room. Here are some features that are worth getting.

Clothing Bar 

It might seem like a simple addition, but mounting a clothing bar inside the camper can be repeatedly useful when you're camping. If you want to keep one of your outfits in good shape for a campground get-together one night, you can place it on clothes hangers and hang it from the bar when you arrive. Additionally, when you're trying to dry wet clothing after swimming or wet dish cloths, hanging them from the bar is simpler than rigging up a clothesline between two trees and drying them in this manner.

Roof Storage

As much as the camper will provide you with a number of creative storage solutions for carrying your camping and traveling gear, it never hurts to think about adding more storage. An effective solution is to buy a sleek storage pod that can be mounted to the roof of the camper. This will add several more cubic feet of storage space for you, giving you the ability to carry extra food, gear, sporting equipment or fishing gear on your camping trip, without having the interior of the camper excessively cluttered.

Portable Toilet

Many smaller and basic campers aren't equipped with a bathroom, but you can make the comfort inside your camper even better simply by adding a portable toilet. When you grow accustomed to the comfort and convenience of spending time in your camper, the last thing you'll want to do in the middle of the night — or in the middle of a downpour of rain — is hike across the campground to use the toilet. With a portable toilet, you can quickly do your business in the comfort of the camper, close the lid on the toilet and deal with cleaning it out in the morning or when it has stopped raining.