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Child Driving Back To College A Few States Away? What You Can Do To Help Them Stay Safe

If it is time for your child to head back to school and their school is a few states away, you may worry about them driving this distance alone. This can happen even if your child has done this many times, as parents often worry no matter the age of their child. To help ease your stress and fears, there are things you can do to help them get to where they are going safely.

Hire Roadside Service

Ask your child to check with their insurance company to see if they added roadside service as an option on other policy. If they did not, you can hire a service to provide this assistance to your child. How much it will cost you depends on the service you hire.

If your child breaks down on the side of the road, they can call this service to come to pick them up. The service will tow their vehicle to the nearest mechanic. This is much safer than your child sitting on the side of the road with a broken down car alone.

The service can jump start your child's car if the problem is a dead battery. This can allow them to drive their car to a mechanic to have the battery replaced, if needed.

The service can also change a tire if your child has a flat. If your child locks their keys in the car, the road side service can contact a locksmith to come to get them back in their vehicle again. The locksmith may use a pump wedge or some other type of long reach tool to get the car unlocked. This service can even bring fuel to your child if they have run out of gas.

Use Smartphone Apps

If your child tends to use their smartphone while they are driving and often forgets to silence their phone, there are apps that will do it for them. For example, an app can silence their phone when they get a text message, phone call, or any other notifications.

To keep your child from picking up their phone, there are apps that will read text messages and emails aloud to your child while they are driving without them having to pick up their phone. These apps work by using Bluetooth technology that is found in many cars. Your child can customize the speaker's voice, if they prefer.

Many of these apps will cost a monthly fee, but the money is well worth it when they can keep your child safe.

Besides doing these two things, ask your child to pack certain things in their car, such as water bottles, a blanket, and some flares to place on the road if their car breaks down.